The company

A team of experts performing in four different spheres of “CFO Services”, each one with core objectives:


To optimize the administrative, accounting and financial processes:

puceTo define and implement the ERP and the Business Intelligence solution (MOA)

puceTo define the performance indicators and enhance the Budget and Reporting processes

puceTo harmonize the administrative processes within the framework of a Shared Service Center, of which in the case of the integration of a new acquisition


To implement the Internal Control rules and structures (including SOX)


To develop the Credit Management function and to reduce its costs


To accelerate the performances of your Cash Management:

puce To reduce your WCR
puce To negotiate with your bankers

We work in close partnership with our Human Resources partnership in the following cases:

  • HR politics review
  • Drafting of Group charter of values
  • Competency and career reviews
  • Organization optimization
  • Hiring and training