To optimize the administrative, accounting and financial processes

puceOptimize the way to steer your business: define the performance indicators and the budgeting and reporting processes. Train the BUs controllers “to see what is behind the data” and to draft pertinent comments in their reporting, including corrective action-plans done in close working relation with the operational managers and actors on the field

puceIntegrate the recent acquisitions:
harmonize the processes, draft the procedures, spread-out the good-practices; define and implement the ERP and the Business Intelligence solution (functional)

puceCut the costs of the support functions:
analyze and accompany the implementation of a Shared Service Center; dematerialize the in- and out-invoices

The specificity of BPHP to answer your needs:

Our experience results from years of work on the field and helps you achieve simple and robust solutions

We propose to co-animate the Steering Committees of your Project, with a formalized feedback to your Top Management. This allows a permanent coherence and a high level of communication
We support the « transversal » way in which your teams work – these may regroup cultures and activities from different horizons – in order to make them capable of defining a homogeneous language in your Group (processes, procedures, job descriptions, indicators, dashboards).
We accompany your teams until the full implementation and success of the Project. Your satisfaction is our main objective goal!