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Governmental financial support

This article signed by D Chesneau and JL Collier presents the French Governmental financial support to the mid caps.

This article is published with the authorisation of the DFCG

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Treasury difficulties (booklet in French)

To be published: “How to manage a shortage in treasury ?” This is a valuable booklet for all middle cap managers. This document is introduced by the French Minister of the economic rebound Patrick Devedjian and by René Ricol, Médiateur National du Crédit. It has been drafted by a working group of the DFCG headed by Jean-Loup Collier.

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Increase of the banking pricing – La Tribune

Companies underline the increase of the banking pricing (in French).

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Banks – Companies: transparency in relationships. Survey “Bancoscofi” – Magazine: Echanges

This is the second consecutive survey leaded by the DFCG, Atos Consulting and L’Agefi. They have published the results of the survey “Bancoscofi”, which measures the evolution of the quality of the bank – Companies relationships.

The results, presented during the conference from November 22nd. 2008, confirm the call from the CFOs to a higher level of transparency (article in French).

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Banks – Companies relationships: first Survey “Bancoscofi” – Magazine: Echanges

The DFCG, the consulting firm Atos Consulting and the finance magazine L’Agefi have joined in ’07 to launch a survey about the level of quality of the bank services, from the point of view of the CFOs. The name of this survey is “Bancoscofi”.

The reasons for this survey is in this article (in French)

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