Credit management

Objective: to maximize the net margin collected

CocheTo build an inventory of the situation: organization and costs of the current function. To identify the level of the provisions and of the write-offs

CocheTo identify and analyze the roots of payment delays from your customers (of which: duration and quality of the invoice process)

CocheTo define with your teams the new organization and new optimized processes

CocheTo implement a dashboard with pertinent indicators for anticipated alerts

The specificity of BPHP to answer your needs:

We will accompany your sales and finance teams to lead them to work together and to lead your Project to the success

We will support you in the choice of quality partners in credit insurance and dunning to enhance your cash recovery

If relevant, we will propose the creation of a Credit Committee regrouping the Sales manager and the CFO to ensure the best coordination together on the field and in the completion of the action plans you will define

Our team will assist you in the framing of a specific action plan in order to purge your ancient balance, to accelerate the cash-in flow and to support you to gradually proceed towards a new information system.

Hence, you will:

  • anticipate the disputes
  • obtain the payments from your customers at the due date
  • further improve your customer relations
  • and hence diminish your DSO.