Cash management

From our point of view, to further develop the Cash Management is:

CocheTo reduce the Working Capital, acting on all levers which make sense i.e.: to accelerate the payments from the customers, to sell unuseful spare parts …

CocheTo go through the fixed assets and sell all unuseful items (and hence to reduce the basis for eventual taxes)

CocheTo accelerate the production of the invoices

CocheTo implement a “cash” dashboard allowing anticipated alerts

CocheTo compare the bank financial conditions

CocheTo switch from Etebac 3 or 5 to Swiftnet

The specificity of BPHP to answer your needs:

The operational approach and the synthesis at Group level (project follow-up reporting) are simultaneously managed which allows a rapid and organized development of the project, in coordination with all stakeholders

We have contributed to the “Technical booklet” from the DFCG (French CFOs Association) on how to manage the difficulties in the treasury. This is available and ready for download in our page “Press Review” as well as on the internet site “